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  • Perforated cotton shirt dress
  • Perforated cotton peplum shirt
  • Perforated cotton dress with ruffles
  • Perforated cotton bermuda shorts
  • Perforated cotton slim leg trousers
  • Fluid denim dress
  • Denim slim-leg trousers
  • Denim cache-cœur top
  • Linen straight-leg trousers
  • CH in Bloom evasé dress
  • CH in Bloom gazar blouse
  • Poplin shirt with ruffled sides
  • Denim pencil skirt
  • Denim peplum jacket
  • Linen dress with bows
  • Denim shirt dress
  • Stretch-knit dress
  • Stretch-knit skirt
  • Peplum cardigan with bow
  • CH in Bloom crepe slim-leg trousers
  • CH in Bloom cache-cœur top
  • Evasé poplin shirt
  • Crepe dress with flared sleeves
  • Belted linen jacket
  • CH crepe de chine dress
  • Top with CH silk scarf
  • Linen shirt with CH belt
  • CH crepe de chine top
  • Lace dress with grosgrain
  • CH crepe de chine wide-leg trousers
  • Striped cardigan
  • Striped poplin dress
  • Striped jacquard skirt
  • Striped jacquard top
  • Quilted peplum gilet
  • Perforated cotton shirt
  • Cotton t-shirt with Bimba embroidery
  • Perforated cotton dress
  • Knitted cardigan
    Knitted cardigan
  • Evasé perforated jacket
  • Knitted cardigan
    Knitted cardigan
  • Woven dress
  • Woven jacket
  • Evasé skirt with trims
  • Crepe de chine dress with polka dots
  • Polka dot crepe de chine slim-leg trousers
  • Crepe top with polka dots
  • Crepe straight-leg trousers
  • Oversized crepe top
  • Cotton t-shirt with shoe embroidery
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